Workshop für Kinder auf dem Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart

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The design of Speedy isn´t by me, that would look rather different….

Nächsten Donnerstag und Freitag gebe ich Trickfilm Workshops für Kinder auf dem ITFS. Der am Freitag ist bereits ausgebucht, am Donnerstag gibt es noch Plätze:

Ich sollte für die Kinder, die nicht teilnehmen können ein Kurzfassung machen. Das Ergebniss kann man oben sehen. Ich habe den Film mit einem Samsung Galaxy Tab 9 und Clip Studio gemacht, dass auch eine Zeitraffer Funktion hat, so dass man den Prozess zeigen kann. ich hatte letztes Jahr etwas ähnliches Analog gemacht (mit Papier und Stiften, wie in der guten alten zeit), aber da ich dieses jahr nicht an die Technik gekommen bin hat sich mein neues Spielzeug angeboten….


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The film “Asyl in Deutschland” which I designed, animated ( with a little help) and directed wins „Bestes Engagement einer Initiative/Institution“  at the Film Festival Cologne. To learn more about the project, which was initiated by  Philipp Stendebach and Hanna Geissendörfer (among others) visit:



Asyl in Deutschland- Die Anhörung

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Yesterday was the premier of Asyl in Deutschland. For which I did the design, direction and most of animation (thanks to Kerstin Unger, Thea Seidler., Meike Teichmann and Daniel Ossio and Fade to Grey). There were lots of people involved, most of them working for free, most notably Philipp Stendebach of Augenschein Film Production whose baby this really was. I am very happy with the result. The film is intended to help asylum seekers to understand the most important part of the whole procedure the personal interview and how to prepare for it. There are versions in 14 different languages.

I guess this is Serbian:


There is a lot of work being done with spreading the news arround. by the way although the whole project was pretty delicate (because of the topic) this was absolutly brilliant because of the enthusiasm and spirit of the people involved.

This is the link to the homepage:



Moodboards for Game Show

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Moodboards for Game Show

These are some moodboards I did for Shine Entertainment one or two years ago. I think one of these game show wasn´t made, but it would have been the German adaption of an American show that has run for a while. The other one was called “Don´t drop the Money”. I don´t watch that much television myself, so I am not sure which broadcaster showed it (I guess it was RTL). By the way a very pleasant cooperation.

I only recently got the permission to show this. I don´t do this kind of work too often, but it is a nice change.

Affe Wilhelm

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This is a rather stupid drawing I found in one of my old sketchbooks. Those are elements for cutout drawings, and the ape is one of the bad (and stupid) ghosts of German history, Wilhelm II. I probably chose it because the media is full of stories about 1914. My ancestors fought on both sides and one of my English relatives is buried here in Cologne in one of the soldier´s cemetaries.

The drawing is from a film about the brave soldier Schweijk by Natasa von Kopp, a documentary with some animated sequences. I am not really content with my work here, but I learned a lot. For the brave here is a link to the film…..