Animation for Landtag Baden Württemberg

Landtag Baden-Württemberg Imagefilm for regional parliament of the German federal state of Baden- Württemberg. The film explains the mechanics of the regional parliament and is often used in schools. Thanks to Dorothea Künzig and Annette Schneider of Taks Film, Stuttgart.     These are just the animated scenes without sound And some more stills: These…

Asseco Imagefilm

An Imagefilm I did for Asseco Germany. Most of the work was spent on the design. Music by Frank Schreiber, (who won an award for his contribution) script Susanne Decker, voice artist Christian Deutsch.     Some Stills  Design Studies

Asyl in Deutschland (2016)

Film for an alliance of Cologne Film producers and Kölner Flüchtlingsrat. The genesis of this project is was pretty complicated. I did the design, most of the animation, storyboards and directed the film. If you want to learn more visit: Special thanks to Philip Stendebach.

Bärenbraut/Bear´s Bride

Bärenbraut This is my diploma from 2007 at the Filmakademie Baden Württemberg. There seem to be some similarities between Bärenbraut and the Runt by Andreas Hykade, but actually I started working on this film a year before he did. unfortunately the Runt was finished before Bärenbraut, I had huge problems finishing it, because I ran…

Captain Bligh

Short film 2003

Filme für #hatespeech/ Internationaler Bund

Ich habe letztes Jahr mit Schülern an der beruflichen Schule Waiblingen einen  Film zum Thema hatespeech entwickelt. Ich bin im Anschluss mit der Umsetzung dieser Ideen beauftragt worden. Dabei sind 3 Filme (naja, 2 1/2 entstanden). Das hier ist der erste, basierend auf einer Idee von  Tamara Kahn, Jaqueline Möhrer,  Melissa Sauter, Steve Kahn, die…

IB Film

The animated image film for Internationaler Bund (IB), one of the big German charities. This was a cooperation with the International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart. The concept was initially developed in a workshop I gave at the 2016 festival with IB employees. I tried to put all the ideas together, made the designs and…

Karambolage Glücksschwein

Karambolage/ Glücksschwein This was a work for Arte done in 2011. Karambolage is a TV show that is shown in Germany and in France and explains customs of the other country. In this case it is about the Glücksschwein, which means literally translated Lucky Pig. Foreigners sometimes find it weird that in Germany you might…

Mörike in Nagold

Film for Zeller Museum Nagold   I did this for a small museum in Nagold dedicated to Eduard Mörike. Mörike is a well-known German poet. He once visited Nagold and I was commissioned to do a short film about that. That was difficult, because very little happened on that trip. The film is a little…

Philosophisches Kopfkino (3 Sat)

I did some specials for 3 Sat about philosophy the episodes about creed, metaphysics and evil. The series was called Kopfkino and it was commissioned by Raketefilm in Frankfurt. I did the graphics, animation and the visual ideas…. Most of the stuff is hand drawn. In retrospect I think it is bit too much, and…

Quarks und Co.

Quarks und Co. I ´ve been working on German Science Show for Frank Mai for the last 4 or 5 years. Most often I help with storyboards and visual concept but sometimes especially if they want something cartoony I do character designs and animation. I lost count of how many episodes I have worked on.…


  These are sketches for a commercial for Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele (a festival for mostly for classical music) designed to be shown in cinemas around Stuttgart. I have spent a little too much on these hand drawn sketches, because it was pretty obvious that the client was going to choose the photo collage style used on…

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