Italien 2021

Nördlingen 2020

Donauradtour 2019

Italien 2018

Diverse 2014/15

Italy 2014 Autumn


Diverse 2014/15

Italien 2014

These are drawings from my sketchbook from my trip to the Bologna Children´s Book fair in march 2014. I first went to Ferrara, where I drew a lot, than to the fair in Bologna where I met with a friend, and then to Ravenna. We stayed for about a week.

What is sometimes tough is that after drawing for an hour you realize that your book was slightly canted on your knees. You can see this in the above picture with column. It is anyway hard to find a place where you can sit and draw and have a good view…

There was a lot of rain in the beginning that trip. I was driven away by the pouring rain while drawing the unfinished bw picture in the right lower corner…

Sketches for Arena Piraten

There is of cause more but here the sketches for Captain Jack

Ireland 2007

Paris 2009

I can’t believe these drawings are already 5 years old. I did these during a stay with the ASF (Animation sans Frontiere) at the Gobelin in Paris. It was very enjoyable, they are doing brilliant work at that school and Paris is great.

Some of the drawings are from gypsy jazz concert Aurore Quartet ( They are great, we went to see them two times.

2 thoughts on “Sketchbook

  1. I found your site as I was looking for information in a pencil sketch my cousins from Wurzburg gave me. The sketch was done from the same location as your sketch in Wuzburg. I believe it’s an old monastary sitting in the hill and the river Main. The sketch is signed but I can’t make out the name. I just found it interesting that you sketched the same scene.

    1. Actually it is the old Fortress Marienberg in Würzburg, which was the old residence of the archbishop, before the famous baroque palace “Neue Residenz” was built. It is one of the main sights of Würzburg. I was a little lazy in looking for a more original angle, because for example the picture on Wikipedia is taken from the same spot.

      Thank you for commenting and best regards, Derek

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