Kölner Dom/ Cologne Cathedral



A drawing I did during a lunch break at the Solution Space (an office building right next to the Cologne Cathedral). What is weird that you need some distance to actually “see” the cathedral, which most people don´t realize, because they are using the wide angle lenses of their cameras anyway. If you don´t see the whole structure, which you can´t from this the elements get quite confusing. So this is kind of an honest view of the Cologne cathedral….



This is a house in Köln Nippes (probably Merheimerstr). I always enjoy sketching when abroad and don´t do that very often. So I thought I´ll just choose something around the corner. One of the worst things about looking for a place to draw is the lack of something to sit on. I made a lot of comparatively boring drawings because I had to compromise. Drawing something around the corner has the big advantage that you can bring a chair with you…

I should do this more often….


Sketches for Bärenbraut

Animation, illustration

These slightly older pictures have been online for about a month, but they are perhaps a little hidden. I have uploaded a lot of new pictures while updating the homepage part of this blog, but I guess only very few people have seen this already, so I thought I would like to bring this to your attention.

If you want to know more about these pictures read what I have written about my film Bärenbraut: