Comissioned Films

To give you an impression of the range of designs and animation styles I do, I created this gallery. If you want to see how this works in movement go to the showreel section. You will find links to the individual films finished films if you scroll down.


Quarks Facebook Film Schälen 2020

Simple Animation and design for Quarks Online. There are about a dozen of these films. I enjoy working on thme fpor they are good test beds for new animation styles.

IB Buntstadt 2019

Buntstadt von Derek Roczen – IB-Projekt #fairspeech

More about these films here:

Quarks Wut im Auto

IB Imagefilm (2017)


Asyl in Deutschland (2016)


Asseco Imagefilm (2014)

Asseco Still

SWR Planet Wissen Scribbles

Planet Wissen Scribble
Planet Wissen Scribble: Risk Taking

  Landtag Baden Württemberg

Landtag (Film about the workings of the parliament of Baden Württemberg)

Glückschwein, Karambolage Arte

Glücksschwein Titel


Mörike in Nagold

Mörike Title
Mörike Title

 Quarks und Co


Philosophisches Kopfkino

Glaube_Derek Roczen
Philosophisches Kopfkino- Glaube- frei nach Bernini



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