New Book. Tierisch Verliebt

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My new book which will be published in january 2015 but Amazon already shows it. It is full of stupid German puns, which can´t be translated properly I am afraid. It is about cute animals in love (moles, lions, goats, sheep, wolves, everything!)

Pirates Comic

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“Pirat voraus, Käptn Klaus” has finally appeared:

I take this as an opportunity to show one more page and the sketches I did beforehand. Those are an exception because I did the initial sketch digitally, which is because the layout was rather complicated. Normally I prefer ordinary pencil sketches.


Books and Curses

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This is an illustration I did for Klett und Balmer, a Swiss school book publisher. Swiss school books are so much cooler than German ones. the motif is an illustration of a curse engraved in a library in a monastery in Barcelona, cursing people who steal books. The curse is quite drastic, as you can guess from the illustration. They chose it to illustrate who valuable books once used to be.

I would like to thank graphic design agency KnowIdea based in Freiburg and Sonja Schäfer for a brilliant cooperation. Unfortunately their homepage is in transition, but anyway:

Affe Wilhelm

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This is a rather stupid drawing I found in one of my old sketchbooks. Those are elements for cutout drawings, and the ape is one of the bad (and stupid) ghosts of German history, Wilhelm II. I probably chose it because the media is full of stories about 1914. My ancestors fought on both sides and one of my English relatives is buried here in Cologne in one of the soldier´s cemetaries.

The drawing is from a film about the brave soldier Schweijk by Natasa von Kopp, a documentary with some animated sequences. I am not really content with my work here, but I learned a lot. For the brave here is a link to the film…..

Captain Bligh Sketches

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These are preliminary sketches for my short film Captain Bligh from 2003. There a lots of small ideas that had to be left out of the film (…what a pity). The drawings were exhibited at the Filmakademie for quite some time.

New Book, Pirat voraus Käptn Klaus….

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A new book I have illustrated about pirates will be available in august. I have just found the announcement on the Arena homepage. Work on this project proved to be more difficult than I thought, because the more I read about pirates the less I liked them. The thing is that you start realizing that our image of pirates is 3oies Hollywood Kitsch.

But on the other hand I had fun. I love drawing ships and reading Patrick O´Brian novels is one of my great guilty pleasures ever since I have finished my animated short Captain Bligh in 2003. (For those who haven´t seen that:


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An Imagefilm I did for Asseco Germany. Most of the work was spent on the design. I like it. Music by Frank Schreiber, script Susanne Decker, voice artist Christian Deutsch.

Here is the youtube link: