Award for Music and Sounddesign

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I have just been informed, that the music and sound design by Frank Schreiber for my promotional short AP Plus one price at the Jerry Goldsmith festival in Cordoba.

Perhaps I should start sending the film itself to film festivals, so the film might win something, too. There is a link to the website of the festival, which features a portrait of Frank and the clip.


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An Imagefilm I did for Asseco Germany. Most of the work was spent on the design. I like it. Music by Frank Schreiber, script Susanne Decker, voice artist Christian Deutsch.

Here is the youtube link:

SWR Planet Wissen


SWR Planet Wissen

One more chapter in the works I did recently. This is for a German TV-show about science. I did several episodes during the past year (wind, primitive times, urban gardening, social insurance, vegetarians). I developed this style for limited budget animation, and it works quite well.

They can be found on the Planet Wissen homepage:

This is my scribble about life in primitive times:

Unfortunately the quality of the video isn´t particularly good.

Here are some stills



Karambolage Glücksschwein

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Karambolage/ Glücksschwein

This was a work for Arte done in 2011. Karambolage is a TV show that is shown in Germany and in France and always explains customs of the other country. In this case it is about the Glücksschwein. In Germany for example small figurines of pigs are used as lucky charms. So if you want to wish somebody good luck you might give him a small pig made of marzipan as a present. The film explains the origins of this custom.


Mörike 2010


The next chapter in updating my blog. This is also an older work, which dates back to 2010. I did this for a small museum in Nagold dedicated to Eduard Mörike. Mörike is a well known German poet with strong ties to his Swabian home country, and is dearly liked there because of that. He once visited Nagold and I was commissioned to do a short film about that. That was difficult, because very little happened on that trip. But I quite like the film. These are film stills and sketches and at the far and there is link to vimeo, where you can watch the clip, but I am afraid it is in German….

If your interested in further information or visiting the place:

Eduard Mörike, Schwaben, Swabia, Poet, Dichter, Animation, Zeller, Nagold, Mörike Zeller Garten, Derek Roczen copyImagebaumvonunten_flat copymoerikesketchesThe latter are sketches  from a small moleskin sketchbook. I decided to vary the traditional silhouette style for the animation in the end.