Nataly 2015


Some photographs I took in May with my favorite model. I sometimes don´t know if I should post these pictures here, but I don´t do enough photography to run a second blog.

What it is weird about these pictures is that if somebody asked me how to describe this particular model with three attributes, the first things that would spring to my mind would be intelligent, strong-minded, with a deadpan sense of humor. I don´t know if any of this is conveyed by these pictures. I guess I still have to learn a lot. But she is beautiful and Russian, I guess that part worked….


photography, portrait

This is stuff for a new portrait photography gallery. I am still in the process of choosing which photographs to use. Thanks a lot to the models, who all were really great.

If you´re in Cologne and need some one who takes portrait pictures, contact me.

N/ portraits

illustration, nude drawing, portrait

These drawings are a byproduct of my unfortunately extensive summer slump. I hope I won´t have time for this kind of drawing very soon. Also when I draw there always phases when I work a lot on one thing, and I guess it will take some time anyway until I start on this kind of motif again. I didn´t scan the pictures but just photographed my sketchbook.

They are a little time travel because they remind me of the stuff I did in art school. They are based on my photographs of a Russian student and part time model I took some time ago. She is probably one of the most beautiful women I have met so far, so thanks to her. I would prefer to do actual live drawings, but that is a question about money and finding someone patient enough. I am kind of not finished with this, because it always seems like looking for one picture and I haven´t made this one yet. I would love to do some etchings based on these drawings….