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Like always, I can´t actually show what I am working on right now. I just finished the design for new episodes for a pilot of Planet Wissen and Image films for the Kuveyt Türk bank and like always in July a Christmas card. I am working on a new children´s book about Pirates, which seem to become a habit.

So these drawings are what I fill my spare time with. At least a part of it… The left one is quite recent, the right one from last year.

Festival dell´Oriente, la Spezia

illustration, sketch


I have spent the last week in Italy. I spent a lot of time sketching, basically because my guitar had to stay at home. I will post some of the more conventional motifs later(picturesque hillside towns, bustling Italian street life and so on). These are sketchbook drawings from the Festival dell´Oriente. We went there because a friend of mine is keen on finding exotic music, I had to somehow spend the time so I started drawing people. The whole thing is a mixture between a bazaar where you can buy everything from incense sticks, Nepalese art to Apulian cheese, lots of martial arts and exotic performances, like belly dancing. The whole thing has slightly trashy but entertaining vibe. There are a lot of gems to befound, but the more esoteric part is just not my cup of tea. I drew the dancers waiting for their appearance, basically because they kept comparatively still (I had tried to draw some of the kick boxing fights before, but they proved too fast for me). I concentrated mainly on one dancer, who stood out, basically because she seemed to utterly enjoy herself, from time to time performing small bits. I have only seen small parts of their performance, because I had to leave but they were really good. It seems like they were the Halfa dancers or Shakti Dancers from Rome, but I am not completely. sure. There is a stray squirrel, which is a character design for an upcoming book of mine, that was on the page before. Italy is great. I only wish I could speak Italian… More to come.

Kira and Football




Kira and Football

These drawings are part of a second portrait session with Kira. Thanks to her. I started them in the café of the Museum Ludwig and finished them at home.



Today is probably the last time you can make jokes about the world cup. I have a friend who is half Argentine half German, so I wondered what his neutral shirt would look like. The third drawing is basically about what you could wear if you are looking for trouble when visiting a German public viewing. Would have worked even better if Holland had made it to the final. But you could always wear it when visiting a Bayer Leverkusen match (you will have lots of new friends afterwards…..).


By the way,  I am not neutral and I would like the German team to win and I like Dutch football (regards to Sander)…