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I have slight reservations posting these on blog mainly dedicated to children´s book illustrations. In a way they are byproducts. I am working on illustrations for a prestigious non- fiction children´s book and not surprisingly I can´t show anything yet. I do one of these per week. At the moment I like painting nudes once again, basically because they allow more freedom than portraits. I always think portraits should look like the person portrayed so feel a lot freer painting these. They all are tempera and ink.

N/ portraits

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These drawings are a byproduct of my unfortunately extensive summer slump. I hope I won´t have time for this kind of drawing very soon. Also when I draw there always phases when I work a lot on one thing, and I guess it will take some time anyway until I start on this kind of motif again. I didn´t scan the pictures but just photographed my sketchbook.

They are a little time travel because they remind me of the stuff I did in art school. They are based on my photographs of a Russian student and part time model I took some time ago. She is probably one of the most beautiful women I have met so far, so thanks to her. I would prefer to do actual live drawings, but that is a question about money and finding someone patient enough. I am kind of not finished with this, because it always seems like looking for one picture and I haven´t made this one yet. I would love to do some etchings based on these drawings….