Die Kuh muss vom Eis



I like stuff that makes sense in one Language and turns surreal in another. This was a quote by Jean Claude Junckers, shortly before the agreement with Greece was reached. I don´t want to comment on that, but it leaves a sour aftertaste for everyone involved and I feel sorry for the Greeks.

Die Kuh vom Eis bringen (get the cow off the ice)means to handle a delicate situation.


Animation, film

Basically I haven´t worked on my blog the last two years, which might be a mistake because it is the only sign of life some people might get, and a lot happened these two years. So I will start to put thinks up there irregularly. I hope someone will enjoy it.
First thing, this is also almost 2 years old is an episode of Quarks and Co., a German science TV show. I did the characters, the design as well as the animation and parts of the After Effects stuff, but credit is due to Frank Mai, with whom I collaborate from time to time. If you want to watch the episode here is the link:

Kaese_MASTER-fields8bit 002-_H.264 full HQ_1Aufreihung24_04


Kaese_MASTER-fields8bit 002-_H.264 full HQ