Mörike 2010


The next chapter in updating my blog. This is also an older work, which dates back to 2010. I did this for a small museum in Nagold dedicated to Eduard Mörike. Mörike is a well known German poet with strong ties to his Swabian home country, and is dearly liked there because of that. He once visited Nagold and I was commissioned to do a short film about that. That was difficult, because very little happened on that trip. But I quite like the film. These are film stills and sketches and at the far and there is link to vimeo, where you can watch the clip, but I am afraid it is in German….

If your interested in further information or visiting the place:


Eduard Mörike, Schwaben, Swabia, Poet, Dichter, Animation, Zeller, Nagold, Mörike Zeller Garten, Derek Roczen

https://vimeo.com/23478555transcode_complete-finished-20120100&utm_source=emailImagemoerike_am_fenster_animation copyImagebaumvonunten_flat copymoerikesketchesThe latter are sketches  from a small moleskin sketchbook. I decided to vary the traditional silhouette style for the animation in the end.

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