Expedition Erdreich

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I designed this character for Expedition Erdreich for Raketenfilm, Berlin. My working title for this: Tasmanian Hamster.

It started it´s life as a squirell. The client rather wanted a hamster.

Here is one of the finished films ( Ididn´t do the animation, I just designed the character and provided some of the handdrawn stuff).



For those who don´t speak German: This is about the fact, that I can´t help feeling, that the followers of conspiracy theories aren´t very creative. I do get why people think that mainstream media doesn´t show the whole picture, but if you want to come up with a story that connects the dots, there are a quite a lot of possibilities. So if you´re into conspiracy theories at least invent something original. This is my proposal (that is as realistic, as other conspiracy theories are- it is just bullshit). In this case corona was invented by clique from the GDR to restore it to it´s former glory….