Mustermatt by Johann Schehl

A friend of mine started a new Youtube channel about chess problems. It is highly recommendable if you speak German, because his analysis is very good and it is worth watching. The animation is pretty limited, as was the budget ( I did half of the work for free, because I really like chess).

These were the basic ideas/ sketches:

and a little additional animation

Tante Alma


I have been working for the new hotel chain Tante Alma Hangout ( The idea iss that these hostels have a story about being owned by a fictional character called Aunt Alma, who is kind of a female Captain Blaubär, meaning her stories might be made up but who knows. perhaps Tante Alma was the first human on the moon, the inspiration for James Bond, a famous opera singer, racing driver, and the woman who Jimi Hendrix stole his licks from….

It is great fun. This is the first comic strip I made for them. Apologies to Yoko Ono….

These are the sketches:

Expedition Erdreich

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I designed this character for Expedition Erdreich for Raketenfilm, Berlin. My working title for this: Tasmanian Hamster.

It started it´s life as a squirell. The client rather wanted a hamster.

Here is one of the finished films ( Ididn´t do the animation, I just designed the character and provided some of the handdrawn stuff).

Workshop für Kinder auf dem Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart

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The design of Speedy isn´t by me, that would look rather different….

Nächsten Donnerstag und Freitag gebe ich Trickfilm Workshops für Kinder auf dem ITFS. Der am Freitag ist bereits ausgebucht, am Donnerstag gibt es noch Plätze:

Ich sollte für die Kinder, die nicht teilnehmen können ein Kurzfassung machen. Das Ergebniss kann man oben sehen. Ich habe den Film mit einem Samsung Galaxy Tab 9 und Clip Studio gemacht, dass auch eine Zeitraffer Funktion hat, so dass man den Prozess zeigen kann. ich hatte letztes Jahr etwas ähnliches Analog gemacht (mit Papier und Stiften, wie in der guten alten zeit), aber da ich dieses jahr nicht an die Technik gekommen bin hat sich mein neues Spielzeug angeboten….