Thomas, Thomas, or my first appearance as an actor on German television


My first appearance as an actor on German television
A project I have worked on last year is finally televised. It is a mockumentary by Corinna Liedtke called ´Thomas, Thomas´. It is about an employee in an archive in Castrop Rauxel (a former mining town in Germany) who discovers that the Indian founder of an Aryuvedic clinic is the reincarnation of Thomas Mulvany, an Irish mining pioneer in the 19th century.
My basic task was to do the graphics, that are used as a proof, for the wild theory. I have posted some of them already. But because I look how most people imagine an Irishman does look like, I play a bit part in the film as a descendant of Thomas Mulvaney . The trouble is I may look like an irishman, but there is still a slight German accent. Strangely enough, when I have spoken for a while people think I am a Scot (which I think is pretty nice, for some reason I appreciate that). So in the end I became Thomas Mulvaneys Danish descandant….
The film will be shown on German television ZDF on August the 30th. I don´t know the time yet, but I will update this blog. It is part of a programm which is called ´Zeche is nich´. I hope they havn´t edited my part, because they will have to make the film shorter, but it is a nice one anyway.

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