Tante Alma


I have been working for the new hotel chain Tante Alma Hangout (https://tante-alma-hotels.com/). The idea iss that these hostels have a story about being owned by a fictional character called Aunt Alma, who is kind of a female Captain Blaubär, meaning her stories might be made up but who knows. perhaps Tante Alma was the first human on the moon, the inspiration for James Bond, a famous opera singer, racing driver, and the woman who Jimi Hendrix stole his licks from….

It is great fun. This is the first comic strip I made for them. Apologies to Yoko Ono….

These are the sketches:

Affordable Art Fair Sketches


I finished a clip for the Affordable Art Fair in Hamburg last week. I have to refrain from showing the clip, because it is not released yet. The theme was roughly Beatles related, so I wasted some time thinking of something that would have resembled I met the Walrus (the Canadian film that won an Oscar for best animated short)and would probably have caused lots of copyright problems. The final clip doesn´t look anything like these drawings (and doesn´t infringe any copyrights), so before they disappear I thought I ´d show them on my blog….

I am a big Beatles fan, which probably caused my imagination to run a little too wild.