Stuttgart mon Amour

comic, illustration
Stuttgart mon Amour

A test I made from a drawing I did in Stuttgart.  I like old fashioned comic styles , so I tried, what that would look like…The main difference is that I omitted the numerous cars. I combined two ink drawings and coloured them digitally. Probably the black and white drawing is better, which is a pity, because the coloured version was quite a lot of work.

Stuttgart mon Amour/ Ink drawing

One of the two original drawings, directly from my sketchbook

Zickezacke Dinokacke und Pirat voraus Käptn Klaus auf Thai


Der Pirat Klaus und ZickeZackeDinokacke setzen ihren Siegeszug in Asien fort. Im ignoranten Deutschland leider nur noch antiquarisch oder beim Illustrator erhältlich. Viele Grüße an Volker….

Two of my older books (text by Volker Präkelt) were just publishes in Thailand.