Petersson und Findus: Das schönste Weihnachten überhaupt

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Here some Storyboards I did for Tradewind Pictures in Cologne. The film premiered two weeks ago. The brunt of the Storyboards were done by my friend Albert Radl , because at some point the they thought I had moved abroad. Hard Luck… It was big fun working on this. There is a third part in the making, but I have too much work doing illustrations for books at the moment, so I declined.

I hope it does well at the box office. The film is really nice.

Premiere Asyl ind Deutschland

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AIDTitelThe film I did for Kölner Flüchtlingsrat and an alliance of Cologne based film producers is now finished and will have its premier on the

Thursday, 09.06.16,19 h im Museum für verwandte Kunst

(don´t confuse it with the Museum für Angewandte Kunst if you want to come). It was a pretty complicated project because it is pretty complicated subject. It is basically meant to help Asylum seekers understand the whole process. I will post a link to the website where you can watch it as soon as it is finished.I did the design, the storyboard, animatic and most of the animation. The style is very simple.

Thanks a lot to the people who helped me and the people who did the real hard work by organizing all  this.


Kuveyt Turk Bank

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Designs I did for Raketenfilm/ Kuveyt Turk Bank. Pretty hard job to design Turkish characters which Turkish immigrants might like….. I also did three 30 second test anmimations. The first picture became the design that was used. At least two films were made using my drawings but I have no idea what became of this project.