Zickezacke Dinokacke und Pirat voraus Käptn Klaus auf Thai


Der Pirat Klaus und ZickeZackeDinokacke setzen ihren Siegeszug in Asien fort. Im ignoranten Deutschland leider nur noch antiquarisch oder beim Illustrator erhältlich. Viele Grüße an Volker….

Two of my older books (text by Volker Präkelt) were just publishes in Thailand.

New Book, Pirat voraus Käptn Klaus….

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A new book I have illustrated about pirates will be available in august. I have just found the announcement on the Arena homepage. Work on this project proved to be more difficult than I thought, because the more I read about pirates the less I liked them. The thing is that you start realizing that our image of pirates is 3oies Hollywood Kitsch.


But on the other hand I had fun. I love drawing ships and reading Patrick O´Brian novels is one of my great guilty pleasures ever since I have finished my animated short Captain Bligh in 2003. (For those who haven´t seen that: