I am Back.

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Hello there….

The last two weeks were pretty exhausting. I have started a new job at Cologne and we try to set up our flat simultaneously. O.K. enough chitchat. This is about drawing. I have started these two drawings already in Leipzig. The one with our beloved Bundeskanzler, Mrs. Angela Merkle, is an idea which is already 3 weeks old. So if you are not into German politics you won’t get the joke, and if you are into German politics and you don´t get the joke, it is probably because it was more prevailling 2 or 3 weeks ago.

It is basically about the fact that some spin doctor told Angie to pose as the first environmentalist German Chancellor, which led to her travelling to Greenland. The photographs looked like she was going to be the cover model of the new Jack Wolfskin catalogue. As soon as the economic crisis kicked in Angie forgot all she said a few weeks before. These things are probably better told elsewhere. Zurückrudern means literally to row back and figuratively to revoke something.

Land unter.

Land unter.

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